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Who We Are

Mrs. Ruthie Sanders
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Ruthie, having struggled with addiction and its aftermath, realized that the best and brightest families in her community were falling prey. Her first foray into prevention was as a parent mentor, and parent advocate at the Yatzkan Center. Not comfortable with a Band Aid solution, she made the decision to co-found Bechirot. With only the funds for incorporation, Ruthie started Bechirot in February 2005. In just five years, Bechirot has provided its educational services to thousands of children, parents, and teachers in the New York and New Jersey area.

Mr. Shlomo Leiberman, LCSW
Co-Founder, Facilitator
Shlomo Lieberman is a licensed clinical social worker working in the Tristate area for almost twenty years. His current private practice focuses on individual, marital and family therapy in Brooklyn and Lakewood, Shlomo consults for schools nationally writing curricula, running parenting programs, and presenting teacher professional trainings. 

Mr. Simcha Cohen
Clinical Director
Dr. Simcha Y. Cohen studied at yeshivas in Staten Island and Brooklyn, where he received rabbinical ordination. He also received a M.A. in Special Education and School Psychology, as well as a Phd in Child Community Psychology. Dr. Cohen currently directs the Total Learning Center, a mental health center founded for children and families. Dr. Cohen’s Torah lectures are available at

Rabbi Benzion Twerski, Phd
Educational Director
Following the familial combination of rabbinate and psychology, Rabbi Benzion Twerski graduated with a PhD in psychology from University of Pittsburgh in 1985 and studied in yeshivas in Pennsylvania, Baltimore, and Jerusalem. Dr. Twerski is one of the leading professionals in youth-at-risk and addictions in the Jewish community who has taught, published, presented and practiced for over two and half decades. Dr. Twerski on the professional advisory boards of JAADD (Jewish Association for Attention Deficit Disorder and JACS (Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically dependent persons, and Significant others) and MASK (Mothers Aligned Saving Kids).

Mr. Carey Sutton
Community Liaison
Mr. Carey Sutton is a respected lecturer on parenting. An active member of the community, Carey is also a board member of Sephardic Bikur Holim, and a mentor and counselor to people suffering from substance abuse.

Mrs. Raizy Shmeulevitz
With two Master's degrees and a teaching license from Hebrew University, Mrs. Shmeulevitz is a master teacher who has taught countless college students in various Humanities during her twenty five years at Touro College. As an enthusiastic educator, she has witnessed how positive and negative decision making can impact future development.

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Rabbi Benzion Twerski
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