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 Bechirot, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

What is Bechirot?

Teens at-risk are no longer a new phenomenon. Despite the widespread knowledge of this problem, it continues to persist at every socioeconomic status. Teens still use drugs and alcohol, run away from school and home, shoplift and commit gang-related and unaffiliated crimes, and damage themselves through cutting and anorexia at an average rate of five to ten percent of the total teen population. These teens damage themselves, frustrate their families and burden their communities. It may take a village to raise a child, but a child can also bring down the whole village.

Children don’t begin as self-destructive and disassociated. Just like adults, children struggle to meet the expectations of school and home, resolve problems with relationships, and cope with stress. When they fail to cope, they feel less confident and even more pressure to succeed next time. A cycle of stress and failure begins, and eventually some kids begin a road toward self-destruction.

Choices, which also operates under the names Bechirot or Bechiros (“Choices” in Hebrew) is a 501(c)3 grassroots agency based in NYC. Choices was founded in 2005 by Ruth Sanders, a parent advocate, and Shlomo Liebermen, a licensed social worker with 18 years of experience working with kids at risk. Having witnessed the suffering of families under the spell of addiction, we made it our mission to empower people to work together to make healthier choices. We believe in educating our youth about their daily choices and the consequences of their decisions. 

Our mission is to give children the support and skills necessary to make healthy choices for themselves by working with schools and other community organizations to create workshops that empower students, parents, and their teachers to examine the process by which we make choices. Our sessions are conducted by a licensed mental professional as interactive group experiences. Whether through dialogue, role-playing or games, they always allow participants to express their feelings. 

Through playing a part in the process, the students, parents, and teachers are empowered as to what choices to make and how to navigate difficult situations.  Since 2005, Choices has reached over 2000 students in New York City with its message, and has received excellent reviews from every school partnership.

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